Prison Empire Tycoon v2.4 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

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Prison Empire Tycoon Apk: Codigames’ Prison Empire Tycoon v2.4 Mod Apk is a fantastic game. This is a fun game to play. You can strive to live a happy and lovely life in this game. This game’s gameplay is also quite appealing. Aside from its graphics, it is also quite appealing. This is a really fascinating game. This is a simple and enjoyable game. So, if you appreciate this type of game, please go ahead and get it from Yellowapk.

Prison Empire Tycoon v2.4 Mod Apk

Prison Empire Tycoon v2.4 Mod Apk Info Chart :

Game / Apps NamePrison Empire Tycoon v2.4 Mod Apk
Game / Apps DeveloperCodigames
Android Version Required5.0 and up
ModUnlimited Money
Last UpdateOct 21, 2021
Prison Empire Tycoon v2.4 Mod Apk

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Will you be able to run a prison and turn yourself into a prison tycoon?

Take control of the company and make a fortune by rehabilitating prisoners all across the world.

Begin by running a modest low-security jail and working diligently to improve your reputation. Turn your small jail into a high-security prison with the most dangerous inmates under control by improving every element.

Deal with your facilities’ requirements and make the appropriate decisions to expand your business without causing internal strife. Enlarge the jail yard, tailor the administration department, equip the guards with security equipment, and even increase the ventilation in the cells. Every decision you make will have an impact on your sentence. Invest your unused funds wisely.

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To avoid riots and escape schemes, you should deliver indicators of personal traits to prisoners. Upgrade their cells or add better beds to improve their comfort; buy some bookshelves, build a basketball court, or install some phone booths to keep them entertained; invest your profits in a better kitchen and better meals to ensure that your inmates are well-nourished; keep the facilities clean and get new showers to ensure good hygiene.

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Your prison will require a well-organized working group. Examine the circumstances and, based on your workflow and growth strategy, hire or terminate employees. Hire cooks, doctors, builders, janitors, and security guards, as well as office workers. Each department will take care of your business’s essential necessities, and you should manage your crew carefully to keep your jail successful.

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A strong manager with a good vision for development is required for both the inmates and the employees. Improve and modernize the following staff departments for improved working conditions: maintenance, offices, kitchen, infirmary, laundry room, and security quarter. Don’t forget about the inmates: improve their showers, the prison yard, new sectors, cell modules, the visiting room, and the canteen. Take control of the water and electrical supplies to improve the comfort of your prison.

CONTROL RIOTS AND FIGHTING TO KEEP YOUR PRISON SAFE: Maintain a positive reputation by suppressing riots and fighting. Keep your criminals happy and give good protection equipment to your guards by running your prison correctly. Be on the lookout for dangerous hostages who may attempt to flee, and use the isolation cell if required.


Profit from the rehabilitation of inmates by earning money and making idle profits. You will make the government and society proud! As a result of your business plan, you will be approached with offers to run larger jails.

You’ll appreciate Prison Empire Tycoon if you enjoy management and idle games. A casual, easy-to-play game in which strategic decisions must be made in order to establish a prosperous prison business. Start with a small and humble jail to expand your empire and see visible development in your facilities. Transform your tiny business into the world’s best high-security jail and become the world’s best prison manager!

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